RMA Policy

A RMA or Return Manufacturing Authorization is a policy that is developed to ensure that in case of fault products, customers can always refer to RMA Policy. At Harddrive4less, for any complaint regarding the product quality customers can raise a strict RMA request. Under our Returns and Exchange policy, the claim could be made. For which the customer is required to enter serial number of the product, order number, and the purchasing date of the order. An RMA Request is filled with these details thereby to continue the act of cross-verification as soon as possible. If under warranty, the claimed product will be serviced as per needful.

In any case, please expect an email from our sales & service team regarding your filed complaint. At Harddrive4less, we go through by the rules hence once your complaint for faulty/incorrect product is filed our team will assign you an RMA number respectively. Which once processed, it contains every step that will be taken to resolve the specific matter in hand.

It is then in this scenario, the situation of ‘doing’ starts. Here if your filed product is under the state of repair, we will repair it. Whilst, in the case of product not being in the state of repair, we will state that as well. Although, in such a scenario expect that Harddrive4less will send you a new piece.

RMA Procedure

To initiate an RMA Procedure, it is first vital to ensure that an RMA request is submitted from customer’s end. In response to which Harddrive4less will issue an RMA number. In any case, the following Terms & Conditions given below are essential to comply by:

  • Please ensure that every accessory including warranty card, manual book, and software which was sold must be sent back in the original packaging. It must not be damaged from any part.
  • Afterwards to the allotted RMA, it is then necessary to pack the product (complaint) in original packaging. Which if found in the situation that it is damaged from any way will cause the customer to bear 30% restocking fee.
  • Please note that if your sent products are found modified from any end in terms of factory identification label removed/defaced/ or altered along with serial number they will be declared illegible by the company.
  • The returned packages without any stated RMA number will not be eligible for exchange.
  • The returned package must mention all contact details. Without sufficient details, the box will be discarded from exchange case.
  • Ensure the sooner the better; as if you report any issue within 2 days of purchasing the order it would be better to act accordingly.

Product Damaged/Destroyed in Transit

In cases where from our side, you receive a visibly damaged good. Make sure that with the courier company you mark the goods received as damaged. Followed by an immediate contact to Harddrive4less at +1-469-995-7956 . Again, it is important to report any damage within 2 days of receiving the order.

Refer to the below given reasons which result can potentially destroy replacement of the hardware

  • The returned product to the company fails to mention all the information required on the RMA form.
  • The returned product is found damaged physically or tampered.
  • The returned product/software is used improperly resulting in damage.

A 30% restocking fee is applied to the customer if:

  • The returned product is found damaged
  • The returned product if found missing any component, or accessory it would be separately charged for the missing parts

Contact at:

+1-469-995-7956 OR  Email:  rma@harddrive4less.com