Terms & Conditions

Before accessing Harddrive4less website, it is important that you go through the legal agreement, conditions, and terms that our company has developed.

Here are the nine terms & conditions that Harddrive4less has built:

  • Repudiation is our Right:
    On the basis of ‘As available’, and ‘As is’, Harddrive4less is not bind to be continuous, without error when it comes to stocking up on items. Neither our subsidiaries, affiliates, nor designs in any way commit to be available when it comes to availability. Which is why, it is better to stock up as soon as possible.
  • Product Presentation:
    We ensure at Harddrive4less, products are displayed with 100% accuracy. However, we as well cannot confirm the fact that during transit of your placed order the shape or presentation of the product will remain same. For which, it is better to comply through the return policy.
  • Inaccuracies:
    We at Harddrive4less admit the fact that providing correct and 100% factual information is our responsibility towards our customers. However, the offered products with respect to their prices or availability can be inaccurate on the website. Which is where, it is advisable to cross-check the confirmation from our support team before placing your order with us.
    In any case, if Harddrive4less fails to complete your order, then the charged amount will be reverted back to customer’s account.
  • Price Difference:
    There are multiple reasons due to which price difference could exist at Harddrive4less and our competitor brands. The foremost cause of this alteration is that we update our prices regularly hence with increased supplier and import costs our prices slightly tops the chart. While others in the market do this by relying onto third party technology providers. Without notice, we at Harddrive4less can change prices and availability manual for products. As this sole right is reserved by the company only.
  • Payment Means:
    We at Harddrive4less do not believe in charging until the ordered item has been cross checked to see the availability. Whereas, at the delivery time, the exact time along with rightful amount of taxes is charged along with shipping charges.
  • Validation & Rejection of Order:
    On approval request, at Harddrive4less cross-checks delivery address, and cost technique. We are only bind to clear all amount (if taken) and order not being available. Be prepared to receive an email to ensure refusal request.
  • Acceptance & Confirmation:
    We at Harddrive4less reserve every right to decline or accept order from any customer without any reason. Ensure to receive a confirmation email for order confirmation.
  • Order Shipment & Loss:
    In accordance to the shipping strategies, Harddrive4less will ship orders on the basis of availability. However, in any case if any product is not sent out the customer has to confirm us that within the 10 days of receiving the order.
  • Customer User Termination:
    Harddrive4less reserves every right to restrict any user/customer to use the site. Nevertheless, we also possess the right to omit any part of the website without giving any notification.

Contact at:

+1-469-995-7956 OR  Email:  support@harddrive4less.com