Warranty Information

As one of the experienced, expert, and renowned distributor, retailer, and reseller of all the products listed at our site, Harddrive4less with full disclosure expresses the fact that we do not Make/manufacture/produce any product offered.

We act as an intermediary that is involved within the practice of selling offered goods. Although, the product manufacturer gives warranty of all the products offered. Which includes the damage, and any coverage produced throughout the product. At Harddrive4less, the facilitation regarding official offering has been stressed upon multiple times. However, if the product itself fails to claim up to warranty then in that case, we are not responsible.

Apart from the manuscript, the representation or influential participation of an offered product at Harddrive4less is contemporary and updates respectively. Any type of implied, or expressed warranty with regards to artifact, or any intended purpose has the restriction implied that ensures merchantability. In the same means, the policy expressed has the implied warranty origination set aside. The course of such dealing though becomes a performance standard for foremost manner.

At Harddrive4less, customers with their full intention agree to the fact that understanding regarding guarantees goes beyond the following aspects:

Refer to the following list for complying against products from Harddrive4less when it comes to Return policy:

  • Identify software error or hardware issue.
  • Accomplish consumer queries, and requirements completely.
  • Present with the data sets that are reliable, and handling of information is thoroughly retained.
  • Be enough regular, and continuously in connection.

Furthermore, before buying any product from Harddrive4less, it is advisable to first go through the information to avoid any mishap in the future. Also, please consider the fact all of our services are acquired at own will which makes availing of any product must be merely conducted at own risk. Be it the claim of any device, or system or even the downloaded information. Any item sold by us at Harddrive4less, does not serve the purpose of fitness with regards to any specific reason.

From the sale we held at Harddrive4less, or purchase of any merchandise at our store does not bind us for any responsibility for incidental damage. We at Harddrive4less are only responsible for the monetary value of the product purchased (merchandise).